image rotater/carousel and add content with an image

I very much hope that there is someone who can help me when I have searched high and low for a plugin that can get my problem solved and so far no luck, I have simply hit a wall.

My problem is that I would like to have some kind of image carousel that I can use on my site as I'm about to set up and is this site here

I have 2 Danish examples I can show you one example here (and this is probably the one that most appeals to me) and the second example is here

I would like to offer my visitors the opportunity to be free to use, where visitors can select an image and create text and get the greeting / memorial they set up, shown in a rotation on my side.

I just can not find any plugin that allows this, I'm about to go out of my good skin after having passed over several days to resolve this, and so far no luck.

And is there anyone who can tell me how I put this up here (content with pictures) that users are free to choose?

As an exsample i can show you what i mean here ( you can see the image rotater/carousel and how they allow users to add content with an image they can choose).