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Hey There,
Question: How can I share images across my blog network?

Background: I am running WP multisite, getting ready to launch a blog hosting service.
I would like to offer a selection of (pre-uploaded) custom backgrounds to my users, so that they can customise their site easily.
They would be using the Twenty-Eleven theme, and would do so via Appearance=>Background.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers 8-)

  • Patrick

    Hiya @socialmediaicu

    Welcome to the forums!

    Ouch! That's a hard question to tackle right now. WordPress 3.5 was just released with a completely revamped media system. It's gonna take a while for the inevitable kinks to be worked out.

    Previously, the plugin featured in this post would have come in handy though:

    Come to think of it, it may still serve the purpose. Once you've uploaded media to the network-shared library, your users should be able to select from there via the background editor of their sites.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • socialmediaicu

    Thanks for your helpful suggestion.

    I ended up solving my problem in a different way (described at the bottom of this post), but thought I would elaborate on the use of this plugin first, in case others want to achieve a similar outcome.

    Benefits of the Network Shared Media plugin.

    Positive: This plugin does allow you to see and use other network-user's uploaded images. So from this point of view the plugin was useful.

    Negative: Two issues.
    1 It allowed other users to see and access images uploaded on the network admin's blog. A drawback from my point of view as other users could insert promotional images, banners, buttons etc into their own blogs easily (I guess they could always hotlink to them anyway, but most beginners probably wouldn't know how to do so). In other words there was no simple way to set access levels to images.

    2 The plugin works by adding an extra tab to the "Insert / Upload Images" popup. What it didn't do though was show up in the Appearance>>>Background window (presumably because it is using a different template function than when inserting an image into a post). There was a work-around though, by using one of the Background Manager plug-ins.

    So the way I solved it was.....
    Using the Blog Templating plugin. I simply uploaded the possible background image files (25 of them) into the template blog's media manager and created a template for new users. All worked.

    Again, thanks for your help 8-)

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