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Hi dear,
As my site is very slow and I don't know why I was thinking to limit the image size upload for every subsites by adding this limit in the network settings as shown in the attached Screenshot.
I am not sure if this setting works also for subsites and for marketpress product images.
However after I added that limit a subsite added a bigger pictures.
Can you please help me to understand how that network limit work and to add that limit for marketpress product

  • Nastia
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    Hello Patrizio, I trust you are doing well today!

    The option you've changed allows uploading larger files, up to 500 kb to your site. What you can do, is to limit overall the media files size that can be uploaded per subsite.

    From your network admin goo to Settings > Network Settings and edit the Site upload space section: check on the "Limit total size of files uploaded to" and set the space in MB that can be used on each subsite.

    To limit the image size upload, I would recommend to set the max upload size to 150-200 kb

    Please note, this will apply to all media file types that can be uploaded to a site.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!


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