Image sliders not working on homepage - Upfront


Not sure if it's the cause but after the recent update of Upfront the image slider region stopped displaying.

I tried recreating the region as well as using a regular slider element, but none seem to show up on the live site. The slider element shows up in the upfront editor (screenshot 3) but not on the live site. The region slider shows up on neither but will show that the slider is there and it's settings (Screenshot 1).

(Screenshot 2) shows the live site with neither showing up. The homepage seems to be the only page that won't display the sliders. (Screenshot 4) shows a page with a full width (region) slider working properly (

Support access is granted! I hope to get this figured out as quickly as I can to meet release date!

*EDIT: I'm also having another issue with the tabs element not working on the homepage only. Here is the link for reference:
I'm assuming they may be connected.

Much Love
Ciro Bey