Image speed and site speed. Plugin conflict


I accidentally posted my question to online community. Rookie mistake. Question, my homepage images are spinning and taking forever to load. Homepage is It is hosted on Godaddy with content delivered through Cloudflare. I recently installed two plugines, Idraw and zedity.

Anyway to increase site speed and page speed for domain? FTB is loading extremely slow, don't know why or how to fix. Found though GTMetrics.

Also, is their a plugin unlike idraw and zedity that can actually allow you copy the image created without including the entire page. Is their a plugin to create shapes and or images without leaving the actual blog or page post? Idraw and Zendity open up in their own platform, but do not allow modification of finish product. If you create a rectangle through Zedity, it will not only insert the rectangle but also the entire page the rectangle is on.

Thank you much for your help!