Images and avatar has vanished with new BD version

images and avatar has vanished from my site under IE and chrome.
this has happen on the last upgrade, so ive try to downgrade buddypress but dindnt sovled the issue of avatar and images

What ive done:
ive disable all plugin ive upload the new buddypress version and now the darwin theme appear when connected but when user are not connected they get the default bleu wpmu skins without content and all avatar are broken. and when im connected : under Firefox all seem to be ok but images are all red x on chrome or IE

did you ever experiment such issue??

example page

WordPress MU 2.9.2

Plugin activate:
Google XML Sitemaps
Super cache
Smart Youtube
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Darwin (BuddyPress BuddyPack) 1.2.1 par Michael Kuhlmann (will install a wmpudev prenimum design next as i fix my avatar/image issue0