Images and Google fonts disappear with Upfront update

Quick Rant: I used Upfront briefly last year but went back to my tried and true iThemes Builder because I found Upfront to be extremely buggy. I now need some more modern layouts for a new theme pack I'm developing so back to Upfront hoping that the time spent away has allowed for fixes but alas, one thing that seems tried and true about this theme is its bugginess!

So, while working on a template, I upgraded to the latest version cause there seemed to be an issue with getting the text slider to work and now the images and Google Fonts I used for my main text headers have up and disappeared (default font now showing)! I remember in the past when I updated this the theme would revert to it's original design, so I'm guessing this is some variation of that issue? Now, I cannot put this system in the hands of clients (heck, I barely want to touch it myself), so PLEASE tell me there is a quick and easy fix to days worth of work disappearing?!

Thank you kindly,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Kekeli,

    Sorry to hear you're still having issues with Upfront, our developers are constantly working on improvements and stability and your images disappearing like this is certainly something that shouldn't happen.

    I did some tests on my end and after update images were still there, however on your installation I see console errors for missing images and they are strangely being pulled from directory withing theme that doesn't exist, and the images shouldn't be pulled from there in first place, they should be pulled from your media library.

    Could you please try downloading Panino and UF themes directly to your PC and then re-install them via FTP, so we can be sure that there wasn't some kind of glitch during update that messed up with theme files.

    You can download them both from theme page here:

    Let us know how it goes.

    Best regards,

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