Images are not sent with letter

When I create a newsletter, everything looks fine until I send a (preview) letter. Then the images (footer, header, background) are not sent with the letter. How can I fix this?

  • aecnu

    Greetings MdW,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    I have tested this thoroughly on our production servers and cannot replicate the issue though I do have some tips for possible resolution of the problem.

    Check that your email client accepts html emails.

    Check that your email clients allows images for the particular sender.

    Check that you are using the exact URL to any included images or that you use the included media loader to insert images into your newsletter.

    Please advise if this fixes your image in e-newsletter problem.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • MdW


    Thank you for your reply.

    I checked your suggestions.

    1. Check that your email client accepts html emails. -> What is the best way to check this? I am using Outlook 2007. I am also able to open html newsletters from others with no problems. However the enewsletter emails I am only able to view without images. There is no possibility to download images in any way as with other newsletters.

    Check that your email clients allows images for the particular sender. -> What is the best way to check this? I put the domain in 'safe' recipients. Any content should be shown then.

    Check that you are using the exact URL to any included images or that you use the included media loader to insert images into your newsletter. -> I checked url from newsletter source in browser, it displays fine. Then tried showing the whole letter in browser. It displayed ok. Finally I also got the newsletter to show ok in roundcube.

    I tried smtp sending, php sending, sending to hotmail, sending to outlook, from hotmail, reading from outlook. The problem therefore must be with the windows (outlook/hotmail) handling of the letter or email adres. At this point I am still at a loss as to why this is. It just will not show images in outlook or in hotmail client.

    Maybe you can point me in the right direction for solving this outlook issue.

    Thank you.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Mark,

    If you do not mind how about adding me to the newsletter to user: aecnucom which is on and send one out with graphics so that I may see in my email client if there is a graphic problem - at least on this end.

    I am using Windows Live Mail which is similar to Outlook Express on my Windows 7 computer - believe it or not Windows 7 does not come with an email client itself and you have to fetch one yourself.

    However, when I see the email come into my inbox images are blocked unless I choose the equivalent of trust sender or show images - so I am able to look at yours when sent.

    I look forward to receiving your test.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • MdW


    Thank you for your replies. I just sent you another newsletter as per your request.

    I understand that you are able to see my newsletter including the header, footer, background and graphics. But I still cannot. I am currently on WP V3.3.1 with newsletter plugin V1.1.8. Somehow the header, footer and background are not shown in any way. You might be right that it is the email client. But I tried hotmail, outlook and just now I tried evolution. Still not working. If I view it in browser or webmail client on server (roundcube, squirlmail) It displays ok. I really don't get it. It's probably something simple that I am overlooking.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Mark,

    Yepper the last one you sent me came out perfect again.

    Actually i do not think it is something you are doing wrong, it is my opinion that it is still totally related to the email client as you have demonstrated above to yourself testing with the various web mail clients.

    Unfortunately the settings necessary to allow graphics to display in an email vary greatly from email client to email client and by default most of them are blocking them.

    In addition to complicate matters even more, if the user has there email client set to text onyl messages we will find similar results and possibly just a bunch of html code thrown up on there screen.

    I use Get Response for a part of my business and the way they offer a work around for this very issue is that two emails are actually sent for one - one in html and one in text. The email client detects the correct one to display between the two. Of course I have to enter both a html version and a text version obviously creating more work but we gotta do what we gotta do.

    When I was using Outlook Express prior to the switch to Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail, I spent a good hour trying to find the setting to view my HTML emails correctly and in Outlook Express it was in the security section.

    With Windows Live it was in a different part though I do not recall where but it also took some digging to setup that I get HTML version and to allow graphics.

    It is possible that the only way to overcome this would be to also have a text email option setting in the eNewsletter plugin.

    Otherwise it will still certainly depend on the end user to have the settings just right in there email client to display the email correctly.

    Possibly this should be a feature request for the eNewsletter plugin?

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • aecnu

    Greetings Mark,

    You are absolutely correct but it will then need to link to an html copy on the web server somehow, but this is an issue that will have to be dealt with when/if it is integrated into the plugin.

    Personally I +1 this idea and I know you do too Mark :slight_smile:

    Any other +1's for eNewsletter to have a link to an html copy so those that have their email clients set to text only or block images can still read the newsletter in its full html glory?

    Mark, I am moving this ticket to feature suggestions and notify the developer of our feature request/suggestion.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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