images broken in media library

All the images on this page (https://www.bug******* ) have been corrupt and show the thumbnail url of the image and not found when you click through to them. We know that these images were edited and screen shots of images instead of true original images.

We’re noticing that the images we’re finding are corrupt are all edited/screen shots/manipulated images so we feel it’s the smush pro conversion from jpg to png of these images that is causing the issue.

Also, in the media library some of the images lost the thumbnail, if we edit the image, it doesn’t show a pre-visualization, but accessing to the URL it opens the image. Some of these images says: Smush – Not processed

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Lorraine,

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I have checked your site and I think that most (actually, most likely all, but that has yet to be confirmed) issues of the images are caused by PNG to JPEG conversion, indeed.

    The conversion tool is great but it does require some manual action here. The “PNG to JPEG conerrsion” description says:

    The resulting file will have a new filename and extension (JPEG), and any hard-coded URLs on your site that contain the original PNG filename will need to be updated.

    and that means that any URL to any PNG image use e.g. in theme template files, in CSS or in posts and pages (e.g. image added to post) will have to be manually updated.

    For example, if there was an image added to a post with an URL of

    it will not be shown on the page after conversion until you actually edit the post and change the URL to

    This is because Smush Pro cannot (at least not yet) analyze the source of entire site and safely replace all the occurrences of such file name.

    I have tested it on your site with one of the images. Please go to yoursite…/masonmill-mini-….. el/ page and you should see that the first image is there now. It’s showing up now because I have edited this post on the site and – after switching editor to the “Text” mode – I have simply replace .png extension in that file name to the .jpg extension.

    That being said, if manually updating all these images would be too much the way to fix that would be to regenerate images. That can be done with a plugin such as this one:

    Once you install it on a site and enable, please go to the “Settings -> Regenerate Thumbanils” page and run it (as a period select “All”:wink:. IT will go through images and recreate all the images originally created by WordPress. Please note: this might take some time and you cannot close that page while it is running.

    Once the process is complete, please clear caches on site and check it again. The images should be back (though you’ll have to edit back an extension of the one I edited in the post).

    If that doesn’t fix it completely, that would mean that also some original images were affected by the conversion and that would actually be a bit more problematic because as I can see the option to create copies of original images was not enabled in Smush.

    In that case, it would be best to bring back images from backup (if I correctly understand you got daily backups there).

    In all cases, after the images are restored, the will become “unoptimized” but you can optimize them again – the only thing to take care of would be to make sure that PNG to JPG compression in Smush is disabled because there seems to be a lot of PNG images on site and those would again have to be manually updated across the site.

    Keep me updated please and I’ll assist you further if necessary.

    Kind regards,


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