images / content not showing

Ok I am sure this is a simple fix but, I cant seem to figure it on my own.

I am using current versions of WP and BP.

I installed the membership plug in and added what I thought were two access levels and one subscription.

What I am after is to have visitors see have the articles to include the images and than after the more tag see custom text with the link to register on the site to open things up. Looks like I have that but on the posts I added after the plug in the images don't show up.

Once registered for the site they should see everything but, I have users on the site who can't see stuff either.

Seems like two steps -
Register for the site and then join the subscription to see everything.
Is that how this is suppose to work?

Remember , I have buddy press as well which I read on here was causing issues with the multiple registration pages. I turned the BP page off and thought I had the membership one on. Maybe I messed that up somehow.

The site is located at -
Here is a link to one of the articles which the image doesn't show up. And if you are thinking I clicked hide I left that as none.
As usual, that you for your help and support.