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I’ve had an idea please bear with me I don’t have them that often so my idea may already be redundant before it begins. What sources is everyone using for images on their sites. I have a pretty large collection of images I’ve taken over the years and I’m thinking of making them available for everyone to use, an acknowledgment/link back would be awesome in return.

My idea is to use my zenfolio account as I have unlimited image hosting on it. I’m trying to work out if its possible to allow people access to upload to the account so we could share images.

What would be good is to have a plugin or some such to enable uploads to zenfolio via wordpress. My idea is to as a collective we have the images in place for us all to use and do a profit share on any prints or larger image downloads but keep web use free. I have looked over the plugins and all the lovely goodness on WPMU and a lot of the elements are there but I’m struggling with placing it all together.

The reason I’m thinking of using zenfolio as they do all the back stuff for us so if someone buys a print they do the posting and printing, plus they cover the hosting and bandwidth of it all within the account.

Another option would be, is there a plugin that any of you know of that will sort out the print order side of things for us so once someone orders it links to the print company and it’s sorted from there.

What are your thoughts as stock images can be a mine field.

I hope it makes sense and points are always welcome.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    I've never used zenfolio before. They do have an API and although I didn't read through it all it seems it could be possible.

    I did a quick search and could only see this:

    I'd love to see a plugin which could handle stock images and sales, perhaps even building on MarketPress.

    Anyway, this is in the feature request forums so we can see if its a popular idea for members. So everyone interested in Zenfolio integration please add your support here.


  • david_whitby

    Zenfolio have a API, a collective market place is what i'd like to build but help would be amazing. I looked at the plugin

    It seems it's only able to pull from not upload too as far as I can tell. But i think that if we all could join together add images and share profits it would be a great community thing to do for everyone.

    As I mentioned stock photos can be a pain.

    The back end doesnt have to be with zenfolio and some like smugmug, but the last time I checked smugmug send orders from the USA so over here in England postage be expensive. So a plugin API which could link accounts from wordpress to the various suppliers would be great but I think on a whole Zenfolio would be good as they seem to have better coverage world wide.

    So as a community on WPMU we could all have a awesome resource for images and share profits. It's a no brainer jump on the band wagon and we can make lovely web goodness together.



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