Images from subsites and process intervals


I use Autoblog on my MU site for show on main site's home page the posts of child sites.

But I have 3 problems

1) The Autoblog don't import the images. Maybe because I can't enable the Add-ons on the single sities. I can do this on the "network admin" (the "import images" add-on is correctly activate on the network admin) but the "Auto blog" section of the single sities don't give me this possibility.

2) I can process the feed minimum every 30 minutes. But I would like to have a process every single sites upgrade (as work your "Network" template) or, if is not possible, every 5 minutes.

3) If the posts of the single sites make the changes, the Autoblog dont's register and don't show the changes, Also if i manually process the feed.

Anyway, thanks for your plugin, It work good and is that I looking for.