Images in gallery being copied but not showing (maybe due to cache?)

We have the "New blog templates" theme installed on our site and it appears to be copying all the database entries and files over when a new site is created. The site is preloaded with images in the gallery so people can select but they are not appearing. What is interesting though, is after 1 image is added, the rest of the images all show right after.

Beacause of this, I'm wondering if this is cache related. We did a diff on the database and found these rows are missing from the _options table.

(232, '_transient_timeout_dirsize_cache', '1464296333', 'no'),

(233, '_transient_dirsize_cache', ‘a:2:{s:55:"/home/balsambr/public_html/wp-content/uploads/sites/135”;a:1:{s:4:"size";i:62475452;}s:55:"/home/balsambr/public_html/wp-content/uploads/sites/137";a:1:{s:4:"size";i:62475452;}}', 'no'),

The dupe site is 137 and the original site is 135. I'm wondering since it's missing that entry it's probably not knowing where to look? Not sure... any help would be appreciated.