Images not being Optimised by SmushPro

Hi I use Hummingbird to test my site performance.
A few months ago (March), I optimised all my images with SmushPro and instigated the recommendations made by Hummingbird. My mobile site speed went from 37 to 78 (google page speed data).
I just retested my site and found that I am back to a mobile page speed of 44 (google data).
I ran Hummingbird again and found that it tells me I need to optimise my images?
I use SmushPro, and it's supposed to automatically smushes images on upload. I don't understand why Hummingbird is telling me I can save 66% by smushing my images. All the images that Hummingbird suggests Smushing are new images, since the March smush. I checked the Smushing settings and "automatically smush" is enabled.
I decided to run a resmush on images and the program only found two images to smush.
I returned to Hummingbird to see if that helped but the program still showed my a HUGE list of unsmushed images.
Can you help please. I want these plugins to help but last time I used it (March) I wasted a whole week trying to get to a site speed of 78 and it seems that site speed eroded gradually over the last few months. I certainly don't have the time to spend doing this process all the time. I was hoping the plug ins would manage it for me. Is there something I'm missing?
P.s I have tried to find where to add support access to my site as per the recommendation on "The Good Support Ticket" but I can't find that setting?