Images not being smushed properly...???

For some reason every time I run the hummingbird plugin to check website status, the images always show up as the one factor that is really hurting speed etc. i use SP Smash pro and it will run through all images and complete it and then it shows at least 4 images that have not been completed. It happens every time and kind of drives me crazy. please help.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Anthony,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The WP Smush Pro is optimizing images that are stored in your Media Library and (if you are using it) the NextGen gallery images. The Hummingbird however check also other images that cannot be optimized with WP Smush Pro. These images are e.g. images hosted externally (fetched from external URLs) or images that are part of the theme.

    Hummingbird indicates those images but in most cases they would need to be "optimized" manually. In case of theme images that usually means that the image that's used is bigger than its container and is resized via CSS, so the solution is to resize/crop that image to match the container size perfectly.

    I realize that this is more like a "general answer" rather than a solution so in order to give you more accurate information I would need to check your site. Would you mind granting me a support access to it? You can do this using our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin as described here:

    Best regards,

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