Images not displaying with Smush Pro CDN

Smush Pro CDN is enabled in order to take advantage of automatic resize and WebP conversion features. However, images in our media page are showing an error(not displaying).

  • Neel Gajjar
    • Staff

    Hello Michelle,

    How are you doing today?
    I went ahead and activated Smush Pro CDN and as well as activated the Automatic Resizing & WebP conversion and now your sites load fine with all the images.

    The reason it was not working earlier might be some plugin or theme conflict or maybe some PHP process issue you can ask WP Engine that if there is anything in the server log which could tell us what was causing the issue.
    One more thing whenever you enable or disable any CDN functions please purge all cache for proper loading of your website.

    Everything should be working fine now but if the issue does happen again please let us know


    Neel Gajjar

  • Neel Gajjar
    • Staff

    Hello Oxana,

    I'm replying to this ticket regarding the message you left in our live chat.

    I am trying to convert my original size images that are used as a background into a WebP format but Smush skips them automatically. What is the easiest way to convert them?

    The images used in the background are called via CSS and currently, Smush Pro CDN only works with images inserted with the img and figure tags.
    I'm afraid it is currently not possible to convert those images WebP format however our developer is looking for possibilities to add this feature as well, but we don't have any ETA on this.

    The images are now displaying with CDN but even though I used all the smushing with Smush my website has the same speed score which is very low.

    The main issue causing low score is regarding Eliminate render-blocking resources.

    To eliminate this issue you can find a detailed guide on it is given below link:

    However, it is important to remember that it's not always possible to eliminate all the files as it might break your site, the ultimate goal is to lower the number of files.
    Note this is a trial and error process, sometimes shifting or combining few important files might break the site. So it is advisable to first perform it in a staging environment.

    Hope this helps, feel free to reply back to this ticket if you have more issues.

    Kind regards,
    Neel Gajjar

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