Images not loaded on the new blog

I’m using New Blog Templates on my site and when I create a new site based on a template, all content is created properly but the images are not loaded on the new site. There are no images in media uploads, they’re actually being served from another blog on the multisite that is being used as a global image folder, but all of the urls are being served via Cloudfront/S3.

The template uses AWS urls that are being replaced with a hybrid of the new subdomain and the old directory. The problem is the old directory doesn’t hold the files, they’ve been offloaded to S3 and deleted from the uploads folder.

I’m also using Divi, but that shouldn’t be a concern with the url string being pulled from the DB for that page.

We’re also using the Offload S3 plugin, which can rewrite the url if it were to reference an image that exists. Which is why I think if the image was to be copied over the same as the original and not be rewritten with a new subdomain, it would work.

So it seems like I just need to have the NBT plugin keep the original image url. Is that possible?