Images not showing in Wordpress multisite

Hi, after a down time on my wordpress multisite and the 500 internal server error message, my host altered some folder settings and modified my htacess file so that the web sites so now the sites are running.

However, the pages are no longer showing images.

I.e. the web site tries to find the image in the /public_html/files/2011/05/ folder, but the image is located in the /public_html/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ folder.
I created the /public_html/files/2011/05/ and copied the image IMG_0001_2.jpeg to it to make sure there is no problem with the showing of the images on the web site.

Obviously this workaraound is not sustainable.

(Upload Path on is set to wp-content/blogs.dir/#/files/ )

Any help in this matter is highly appreciated.