Images not showing up in development site

I have followed instructions to move my blog from my live site to this development server. I have tried to set all links to relative and I have moved and updated data base and all files. I see my images all in my media library and if I put in any of the links for the image in a browser they display. However they are not show up in any post unless I go in and manually in each post edit the images. The first post they are showing up at first I had all my summary images show up now they are gone but the main content images are in the post but not showing up if you check the code the URL is correct? Any ideas I do not think it is a file permission issue? I want to update all my content and am use relative URL's for my development site but the only real change in the live vs development is the first part of the URL will be stripped out as for my shopping cart license I have aspdotnetstorefront. preceding my url then a temporary URL set by the server at the end. Otherwise everything will stay the same I just have a few updates then will move my site and blog to the new server and update DNS These image issues may fix when I go live but just bugging me can not get it to work on the test server when I know all content is moved and current