Images on product page not loading when using Hummingbird cdn

Images on product page not loading when using Hummingbird cdn. When disabling the cdn the images are showing.

  • James Morris

    Hello Henk

    After digging into your site a bit, I ran into a number of problems that needed addressed.

    1. Your migration from HTTP -> HTTPS was not complete. There were a number of URL references to HTTP in the database that were causing mixed-content issues. I've updated these URLS to fix this for you.

    2. Your mod_pagespeed configuration was not correct in .htaccess. This was causing some additional issues with assets being loaded correctly. I've added the following defines in .htaccess to correct this.

    ModPagespeedDisableFilters combine_javascript
        ModPagespeedDisableFilters combine_css
        ModPagespeedJsPreserveURLs on
        ModPagespeedImagePreserveURLs on
        ModPagespeedCssPreserveURLs on

    3. Your wp-config.php had one line and your .htaccess had numerous lines for WP Super Cache. Since this plugin was not active, this was actually causing issues rather than solving them. I've commented out the line in wp-config.php, backed up your original .htaccess and updated the defines in the new file to the correct values.

    4. I re-enabled Hummingbird WPMU DEV CDN and verified that all product images are properly displayed.

    5. In your Simple CSS settings, you were referencing assets using incorrect url() references. I've updated these to the correct full URI so that these assets will be loaded.

    6. I've found you still have several instances of a recurring mixed-content warning relating to (which should be I searched through your WP Admin settings and through your active theme files. Unfortunately, I'm unable to locate where exactly these font references are defined. These are the only remaining Console errors I found. You will need to go through your site and see where these are defined and correct the URL protocol to HTTPS.

    Let us know if you have any further questions. We'll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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