Images URLs pointing to wrong site after using Cloner

Hi there

I have just used Cloner to make a clone of one of my multisite subsites.

The cloning process seemed to work fine (apart from the odd error locating a few source images), however on my new site, all of the image urls are pointing to my source site, not the destination site. This is affecting header images as well as those in posts & pages.

The images were cloned successfully and I can access them by typing the new urls into my browser, but the cloned site is using the old (source) site images.

For example:

Old image:

New / Cloned image:

I have changed my permalink settings a couple of times to ensure it's not a caching issue and also changed themes, but this hasn't made any difference.

Source Site: (mapped to with WP Domain Mapping Plugin)

New Cloned Site:

If you could advise on how I can resolve this issue I'd be most grateful!