Images Won't Load Unless I refresh

My site is just about finished but the one thing that is keeping me from turning it over to the client is the problem I have had with images loading – or I should say not loading. On every page, the header image and most other images don’t load unless I refresh the browser several times. I have spoken with my hosting CS and they tell me I need to look at how the theme is loading. Can you give me advice on this? The images are optimized and it’s not a size issue. That’s all I can tell you so far… I appreciate your help:slight_smile: JOinAZ

  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi JOinAZ,

    I tried to check your site from my browser but your site is saying me this “This site is a private site. You must enter the access password to proceed.”. So I could not check.

    Generally this may happen for your browser extensions, or network. Can you please try clearing your cache and cookies from your browser? Can you try from a different browser? Can you try from a different computer or a different network? If you can see this issue in all computers in all networks, please let us know. As you said, your images are optimized and size is not an issue, so I think it’s your browser specific issue.

    I could tell you better about the issue if I could see it live, check your current configuration and make some tests on your site. Would you mind allowing Support Access so we can have a closer look at this?

    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    I’m looking forward to hear from you and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!


  • JOinAZ
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hello Rupok –

    Thank you for looking at my site. I am hoping you can take a closer look this morning.

    I took the password off – it’s just a plugin. I have also granted support access. I have checked the image issue on multiple browsers and devices – all with the same issue. Please let me know if you figure out what is going on. Thanks… have a great week!


  • JOinAZ
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Rupok – Funny thing when I deactivated the plugin called “Hide My Site” to remove password protection the site is now working. That was the only plugin I hadn’t tested. The site seems to be working right now but would you mind taking a look just in case?

  • JOinAZ
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Good think you haven’t responded… nevermind what I said about the problem being resolved. I haven’t activated the plugin again and now the images are not showing again. The only other thing I did was run a backup using Snapshot and update the WPMU customizer.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello JOinAZ

    When you post multiple replies, it is considered by the system as bumping and push your thread back to the queue we maintain.

    I have taken a look and it seems the issue is related with “WP Real Media Library” plugin. Once I deactivate the plugin, all images are back. Could you please check and confirm?

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have any.



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