Implementing pay per view not working

Hi, Ive installed the pay per view plugin, Ive disabled the for all posts for global settings, and I want to apply it to selected posts. Ive applied it to The Jungle Book Official Teaser Trailer on the site. Im using wpzoom and it not applying to the post, Ive selected in the widget of the post the settings as attached, but it doesnt work, ive also added content and excluded wpzoom, I get the button for 20p I go to paypal it takes the money, sends me back but doesnt show what is in the main description which is suppose to be allowed?, do you have a manual I can look at? can you help?

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hi @rusola,

    I hope you are having an awesome day. :slight_smile:

    I've tested on my sandbox site and everything seems to work fine without a single issue. Kindly please do allow support access so I can check in depth what is the issue.

    In case if you don't know from where you can allow me support access just got to your Wpmu-dev --> Support ----> Support Access and then press button saying "grant access".

    Warmest Regards,

  • rusola
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    I have added the css code into the Simple Custom CSS code to change the colour of the button to blue but this did not work, the code is below. Ok how can I get it looking like your demo? as attached? Yes I know I have to set up facebook and twitter but I like the over lay. Also is there away of making it work with wpzoom so that if you populate post options widget on each post then it works with your pay per view plugin? I have granted access to the website. Also I still dont like the fact the message says (on the button) "Confirm Payment" when returning from paypal, is there away of changing this text?

    color: white !important;
    background-color: blue !important;
    font-weight: bold !important;

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hi @rusola,

    I hope you are having a good day..

    It looks like by mistake you posted on this thread. :slight_smile: The response you give in this thread belongs to thread. I already responded on thread. Please do check my response there. :slight_smile:

    Enjoy Wpmudev..

    Warmest Regards,

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