Import Bulk Users via CSV without notifying them

Hi... I want to see if there's a plugin or trick to importing (about 500) users without notifying them by email. This is a school and I can't rely on the parents replying to email and I'm trying to avoid manually adding them one by one. I see the "ADD NEW USERS" plugin but it looks like it sends a notification/signup email and gets them to sign in. Is there another way of doing this without this notification? Thanks!

  • Majid

    Hello Beau
    I hope you are doing great today :slight_smile:

    There is a plugin called Disable Emails, which basically disable all emails sent from WordPress once enabled, it might a good solution to use it while importing and then you can just remove it when done. the new registered won't receive any emails notification then. the only issue is the password, not sure if it's included in the csv file or will be generated automatically.

    - The plugin link

    I also suggest trying it with few users, so you can make sure no notifications are sent when doing the bulk import.


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