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Hello, Is there a way to import a csv file to create multiple POI's on a map? Thank you. Bob Fleege

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    Greetings Oldmanwheeler,

    Great question!

    Though I would have to say no, I certainly do not know everything so I will go ahead and see if I can get the lead developer in here to offer his advice/advise on if this can be done.

    Though this may take longer then a normal ticket, I will see about getting him in here asap.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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    While directly importing CSVs is currently not possible, the plugin does support remote and local KML overlays. So, if you're using a remote service of some sort that allows you to export your POIs in KML format, you may want to activate the "KML Overlay" add-on and add a link to your KML file in map options (in map editor interface). Also, if you have some KML files on your local hard drive, you can use them as well - you'll want to activate the "KML Overlay" add-on in addition to KML Overlay to be able to upload your KMLs.

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    HI Arun,

    Thank you for the follow up.For the time being I'm using the MapQuest Plugin and it seems to meet my needs at this time.

    I do, however, have another question that maybe you can help me with. The website I'm creating is call Iowa Historical Markers and if you go under Forts you will find some pages I have already completed. I would like to find three plug-ins that would do the following my pages: 1) Add an area where I can include the coordinates of the marker, 2) add a download link so visitors can down load the coordinates into their GPS and 3) when I have a group of pages like I do under Forts I would like to find an easy way to add "Previous" and "Next" to the pages.

    My biggest handicap is that I'm not a program, but a instead, rely on plug-ins to do all the complicated stuff. In other words the simpler the better. If you have any suggestions they would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks again, Arun, for your followup.


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