Import from CJ to market press

I cannot find any instructions that tell me how to import a product data feed from commission junction. I have the data feed saved as as a .csv file.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @jason,

    I have no idea what CJ is, from google I see it's related to Affiliates schemes. But what are you trying to import? Are you trying to import them into our affiliates plugin? if so, I don't think this would be possible, our affiliates plugin requires that each affilate be a registered user of your site, so not only would you need to create them as users, you would then have to sign them up as affiliates too. I'm not exactly sure of your exact intentions as your question is a little vague.

    Hope this helps

  • jason

    Thank you for the reply. CJ is the common way to refer to Commission Junction. Commission Junction is a legitimate affiliate program but is a bit of a scheme. The idea is that you display someone else's product on your website. If they click on the product and buy it you receive a commission. There are many of these programs out there. I need to import their data feed into Marketpress.

    Part of that .csv data feed is a unique URL that includes my id number. That ID number is how they recognize that I am in titled to a commission. I need to import their products and that URL into Marketpress. If you are familiar with the Woocommerce shopping cart they have the future of importing products from One of the various affiliate programs. I tried Woocommerce and it worked sort of. The problem was it messed my CSS style up. I was doing some research on the various other shopping carts and I think Marketpress is more compatible with my website's CSS style.

    All that said the real problem is I cannot determine how to import products. I have a .csv file and I cannot seem to import it. I don't know if I need an addon import plugin or what. I cannot seem to get the importer that is included in Marketpress to import my .csv file.

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