Import Gravity Form JSON

I am just rocking with the free trial, got a multisite going, created template site with 4 pages, each page has a Gravity Form.

Here is my Main Site:

Here is my Template Site:

Here is user created Site:

Although everything seems working my 4 forms are not coming through to the user site, click page "Back Index" on template then on user site billstudio. The Gravity Forms plugin is there and active but just no forms imported/created.

Before I started using your plugin I had a manual import working via json that got my 4 forms but I cannot seem to make it work with the plugin.

Previous setup (and still there) is in main site wp-config:

define( 'GF_IMPORT_FILE', '' );

My question is how can I pull the json into new created sites via WPMU template?

Thank you!