and wordpress sites

Can grab data from wordpress sites? Also is there a wordpress itnegration?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @cornelius_butler!

    I'm not familiar with the but from what I understand from their website they are offering a sort of "website data extraction" tool that can extract data from pretty much every site. I don't think the technology behind the given website does matter much as long as their script can access the site.

    They state that there's a "point and click" learning tool built-in which you would use to "teach" their system about what data and from what exact locations on the site should be extracted.

    I didn't find any official WordPress integration plugin for it but if you want to extract data from a WordPress site, I don't think it's necessary.

    As for importing data extracted from other sites to your WordPress sites. I'm not sure in what format they return the data but if there's a CSV or XML file or there's an RSS feed given, that can be imported to WordPress. Also, there is an API on which you could build upon and there are webhooks for Zapier and being able to integrate with Zapier, you would most likely be able to build such WP integration by yourself as Zapier is very flexible.

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