Import membership users from Constant Contact

I'd like to import a couple of lists from Constant Contact straight into Wordpress and have them automatically subscribed to one of two subscription lists in Membership. I'm working with the Import Users from CSV plugin (, but I don't know what the correct metaname labels would be for the Membership subscriptions. Could you tell me how best to mass import a list of names and have them automatically subscribed? It would also be great if I could import their subscription durations as well. Thanks.

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    Hi and Welcome to WPMUdev forums!

    I'm sorry to say that it's difficult for us to troubleshoot/give usage instructions on third party plugins.

    However I can recommend a plugin called Batch Create
    and point you to some info that might help you in either case :slight_smile:

    Here is a thread from another user wanting to accomplish the same thing you are searching for:

    To quote the developer from this:

    Have a look in the membershipincludes/classes directory. This directory holds all the main classes for the plugin. The class.membership.php file (need to confirm the file name) holds all the methods for a member. You would create a member instance like:
    $member = new M_Member( $user_id );

    The methods in that class allow you to assign a level or subscription to that member and also remove one or move from one to another.

    Their are similar classes for subscriptions class.subscription.php, and levels class.level.php that will allow you to create subscriptions and/or levels programmatically and change the levels / rules with in them.

    Hope this helps! If not please let me know :slight_smile:



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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to install the Batch Create plugin, but I can't see it under the "Settings." Is it only accessible if I enable multisite and login via the network admin, or can I control the plugin with the regular wp-admin?

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