Import of .csv and more

Hello again,

well, this plugin really puzzles me - I followed your installation guide, and I've activated WP e-commerce as well... I have experienced several problems:

When I upload a .csv file in "Store settings", I get to see the 1st screenshot attached. There is only one colomn imported and if I choose to continue the process, the session will simply run out, and I'll error 500 messages. Not good!

Actually, I tried to upload a .txt file, and I got the 2nd screenshot as a result: about 40 colomns, so I suppose it imported all colomns. However, I can't find the colomn for featured image, product excerpts and other fields, so that’s not much of a help either... Further, I can only choose between 8 fields, as can be seen in the 3rd screenshot.

I hope, you'll help me to work this problem. Have a nice day!

Best regards