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I got the feed working fine except one thing... it strips the tags from the posts imported. It seems to be importing the post categories fine, but not tags. Is it possible to import the tags?

Also, I might have to hook into the plugin to see if I can make it grab portfolio categories (custom taxonomy) and use them as portfolio categories (though I really think portfolio category to portfolio category and portfolio tag to portfolio tag should be a given/basic).

Can you point me toward the function that reads the category of each post would you? I'd be extra happy if you could tell me the file as well. Hopefully it is not all enclosed in classes.

  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Hi Myke ,

    Feeds usually come with an element named as <category>. Autoblog gives you the ability to import this element as either a Category or a Tag into your blog and associate it with the post as well. You can see this in the options when editing a feed you will find under the Taxonomies section that you can choose to either add the feed category as either a Tag or a Category to your blog.

    This is why you can't basically add both 'categories' and 'tags' as well, as your blog would end up having categories and tags with the same names given.

    Are you using a custom feed? If yes could you provide us with a link to see if we could assist further?

    As for your question on file / function, everything should be inside Cron.php in add_post_taxonomies() in case you want to take a closer look.

    Best regards,

  • Myke

    Currently it treats feed categories as nothing. It adds neither categories nor tags.

    A further problem is that, see where I have "treat feed categories as portfolio categories" selected?

    Well.. the category list I get to choose from is *blog* categories :disappointed:

    ---> *That* is the major issue I would like to solve. I can do a feed for each portfolio category on my other site, and set each to go to the right portfolio category on the new site, but not if I cannot select from actual portfolio categories.

    Sidenote: I did BTW get around the image issue I was having. I added a plugin to solve that "Featured Images in RSS & Mailchimp Email".

    If I could work out this last issue that would be fantastic (though even better if it was possible to pull in all the tags for an imported post)

  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Hi again Myke !

    Thank you that screenshot was perfect so I could understand what you're trying to achieve.

    If I have understood correctly by now you have a Custom Post Type (Portfolio) and it's Taxonomy (Portfolio Categories) with various Categories under it that you can't select for the posts to get feed into.

    Autoblog just shows you the default WordPress Posts categories instead of your custom selected one, correct?

  • Myke

    Konstantinos - yes. I thought I tracked down the line at line 70 of autoblog/autoblogincludes/classes/Autoblog/Module/Page/Feeds.php and tried to change to use that taxonomy, but it changed nothing.

    If it had worked I would have written a hook to give me options for portfolio categories *and* normal categories, or maybe a dropdown of all content/taxonomy types and then a dropdown of categories/taxonomies from that type. I feel that is how this part of the plugin may be intended to work.

  • Konstantinos Xenos

    That part of the code actually works when using Autoblog on a Multisite. By changing actual 'Blogs' ( sites ) if you're allowed to you see the new 'post categories' changing as well.

    I have attached a .zip that contains 3 modified files.


    I've created some custom post types with taxonomies and this change works for me when creating and selecting various categories to be assigned on the imported posts.

    Could you try this as well just in case it fits the needs? This is a temporary change of course just for you, but we'll track this down to see if we can properly implement it in a future release and make it more functional as well.

    Make sure to keep backups of the original files also and preferably a full site backup just in case this might break any of your other Feeds as I can't test it thoroughly since I have a different setup at the moment.


  • Myke

    This is great. It is working for Portfolio Categories, and even actually adding the category.

    One issue: For portfolio items it is not grabbing the tags for the post (not a big issue), but it is also not adding the tags entered in "Add these tags to the posts".

    One feature that would be great: If it could import the category description and category image when it imports categories, that would be fantastic.

    Sorry for the late reply, I went on vacation for a week.

  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Hey Myke ! I hope you've enjoyed your vacation :slight_smile:

    I'm attaching 2 screenshots with just the changes that I've attached on the previous .zip.

    Everything as far as custom tags go seem to be working on my end.

    My CPT ( Portfolios ) has a Custom Taxonomy added to it ( Portfolio Categories ), with a 'test 1' category and access to the default Post Tags of WordPress.

    Might there be a difference on the Tags part? I'm not sure how your CPTs are set up and if there's a difference somewhere that might help resolve this ( I've seen CPT with yet-another taxonomy added to them acting as tags for example :smiley: ).

    As for the extra feature suggestions I'll inform the Devs for our conversation here in general and see how it would be best to proceed.


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