Important Feature Request: CoursePress: User-customizable Courses


1) School administration or education material provider creates a course with Unit Structure that matches a given syllabus specification.

2) Teacher has a group of students with unique needs and learning styles. The teacher wants its CoursePress Units reshuffled to match the needs of her class.

3) Tutor is working with an individual student. This student needs to reinforce Units 1, 20, 35 in a CoursePress Course because these units drill key skills that this student lacks. The tutor will like to duplicate/stick -in Units 1, 20, 35 after Units 10, 20, 30, 40.

4) Student is studying for exams. The student knows which units he is strong in, and which units need to be revised for exam. The student will like to be able to HIDE the units that he is strong in or finished revising, and reshuffle the remaining units according to importance to his personal revision plan

- Allow the DISPLAY of Course Units to be drag and drop web page components. Allow admin to switch this feature on and off
- Provide the end user with a little button to hide units
- Allow Admin to assign ROLES (School Admin, Dept head, teacher, Tutor, Parent, Student) and allocate permissions to CUSTOMIZE the course as needed