IMPORTANT Plugin Security Updates

Hello WPMU DEVers, just wanted to let you know about some important updates.

This week we did a major code security audit of all our plugins as part of our commitment to members to keep our products updated and secure. As a result you may have noticed we have been releasing a series of security updates for many of our plugins.

Most are not too urgent, but some are very important security fixes, especially for our oldest plugins like Forums or Communities. So we HIGHLY recommend that you keep a close eye on your WPMU DEV Dashboard update notifications this next week and update right away. You can also visit the following link to see the update notifications for all of your sites:

And just to be clear, we are not aware of any active exploits of any vulnerabilities we are patching. We are proactively fixing these to help keep your sites safe. Special thanks to John James Jacoby for discovering and responsibly reporting the vulnerabilities in Forums and Communities plugins.

Update away!