Important questions relative to an alpha launch of WP multi-sites with MarketPress Pro plugin

Need additional answers to previous set of questions answered by Jack Kitterhing:

Q1: – Is there a feature/plugin that would allow us to display an icon/graphic for member sites on a single page much like the product listings for GridMarket?

A 1: In a way like a grid with each business icon on that links through to that business’s website correct? In that case, I would personally use a gallery plugin or even the default media gallery that WordPress includes and link through to the site with the image, or did you need it to do something else from that?

Q 1a: I had not thought of those, so that may do what we need.

My hopes where that each member would have the ability to add an image/graphic and some text into a plugin/form/etc that would then automatically be displayed on the Business Gallery/Directory located on the main site.

Q2: – Is there a readme or other instructions available for customization of the registration process for Pro Sites?

A2: Currently there isn’t a guide on how to customize the checkout process for MarketPress, as it is quite complicated how it all works and is generated,which part did you want to edit? The overall checkout, how it looks or something else? You can read all markertpress documentation here

Q2a: Actually we don’t want to modify the checkout process for MarketPress. We were hoping there was a way to enhance the checkout process for new members wanting to sign up for a blog/website through the Pro Sites plugin capability. In short have them sign up with any/all information unique to our members, combined with some means of approving or denying membership before the site was allowed to be live. Hope that helps clarify our objectives.

Q3: – Is there a way to over-ride or disable the default “Free” level associated with Pro Sites?

A3: If you’d rather not offer a free level, you can enable the pay to blog module and allow a free trial or not if you want

Q3a. (A simple “thank you” for the information). That sounds like it will do exactly what we need. I will try that out….thanks