IMPORTANT: WordPress 3.1 Update Information

Ok guys, the latest version of WordPress will be released shortly, and no doubt you will be excited to update right away. But first there are some things to be aware of:

  • Like the 3.0 update, 3.1 has introduced significant changes to Multisite functionality. Because of this again many Multisite plugins will need major updates, especially relating to settings pages and their menus. Thanks to our Upgrades and Support Guarantee though, we’ve got you covered. We’re feverishly working in the background to update every single one of our plugins and themes for 3.1!
  • When 3.1 is released, you will need to upgrade just about all of your plugins from WPMU DEV, so keep that in mind. Note that you shouldn’t receive fatal errors when upgrading, but the plugins may not function correctly until you update them (mainly you may not be able to save the settings pages).
  • This time we are making it easy to know what plugins to update: Just install our all new and powerful Update Notifications plugin! Go ahead and install it now, and you’ll be notified when each plugin is ready for 3.1. And after you’ve installed the latest plugin versions, you will be able to autoupdate the majority of our plugins and themes to later updates!
  • When updating WPMU DEV themes/plugins, you should be aware that we are making some important changes. For as many multisite plugins as possible, we are changing the primary install location from /mu-plugins/ to the /plugins/ directory where you will be able to Network Activate them. What this means is that this time around, it is VERY important to check the updated install instructions page when upgrading, as the location may have changed. And if you have an older version of the plugin installed in /mu-plugins/ you may need to delete it first to avoid errors.

Well i’m sure you’ll have questions, just let us know here and we’ll be glad to help you out with any upgrade woes.

  • meschenbaum
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Is there an area where we can post issues?

    I’ve had issues with deprecated functions and methods within the WP themes and plugins. Our IT runs a tight environment and consistently makes me to clean up themes and plugins on development before they will move it to production. I don’t mind submitting my changes or working with you guys to incorporate changes, especially since I have to do it for a bunch of other plugins and themes.

    I’ve basically stopped upgrading because I’ve been spending to much time re-applying changes. However, with 3.1 coming out I’m sure it’ll need to be thoroughly evaluated in development before we can move forward.



  • drdave
    • The Crimson Coder

    I installed the updates notification plugin 2.01 (copied the wpmudev-updates folder into plugins folder) and network activate it, then later I installed Support System plugin (incsub-support folder) in plugins and network activate it, but then the updates notification plugin reverts back to version 1.5.9. Then it ask me to auto update the plugin to 2.01. I do but now Support System plugin gets deleted from my system. Not showing in admin and not in plugin folder but I do see some entries in the database.






    If I reinstall Support System, then it takes me back through this same loop. updates notification plugin reverts back to version 1.5.9, so I run auto update again and Support System gets deleted.

    This was wordpress 3.0.3 but I upgraded to 3.0.4 and got the same thing.

  • Qlof
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thanks for the update Aaron.

    I’m curious as to why you are changing plugin dir to /plugins instead of /mu-plugins for so many plugins. Is WP taking the direction to have mu-plugin completely removed in the future or is there some other reason?

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Well already the mu-plugins dir is not included in the WP package. Since network activation was introduced a few versions ago, we’ve been watching it. In WP 3.1 most of the bugs and issues with it seem to be ironed out so:

    – Familiarity with the WP community – it’s what Multisite beginners are used to and will help with support issues.

    – autoupdate support

    – built in plugin installer support

    – ability to see and activate only certain plugins

    – error check on activation (no more white screens)

    Some advanced plugins will still need to be kept in mu-plugins for technical reasons though.

  • BlueEyes
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    I’ve got an error :

    . PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid End of Central Dir Record size : 15

    what can I do now ?

    We have to use notifications plugin, because of the red publicity, but I can’t auto-update. So, it’s a lot of lost time

  • wpcdn
    • Syntax Hero

    Please provide a list of plugins that are NOT backwards compatible, or that must/should be upgraded after the 3.1 update. Thanks!

    Yes, I’m wondering if you can provide a list of plugins that are 3.1-ready, and/or a list of those that will not currently work with 3.1

    We are setting up a new installation today, and we’d prefer to go ahead and use 3.1RC2, as opposed to going through the whole upgrade process later when the site is live with users. But, of course, we need to know which of the plugins are ready yet…and we’ll rethink our strategy if the ones we need aren’t 3.1-ready yet.

    Thanks for your efforts getting everything ready for 3.1. I’m sure I don’t fully understand the amount of work involved, but I’m sure it’s an overwhelming amount. :slight_smile:


  • edihtors
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    LOL @ the RC3 release. Our, should we call it the prequel to RC1?

    From a development perspective, I have no idea how such a huge walk-back didn’t take place until a third release candidate?

    Oh well, maybe we’ll see the release by this summer.

  • manilaboy
    • Flash Drive

    For as many multisite plugins as possible, we are changing the primary install location from /mu-plugins/ to the /plugins/ directory where you will be able to Network Activate them. What this means is that this time around, it is VERY important to check the updated install instructions page when upgrading, as the location may have changed. And if you have an older version of the plugin installed in /mu-plugins/ you may need to delete it first to avoid errors.

    You installed my site about a week or so ago (WPMS+bbpress+buddypress). Am affected by this changes? My site broke after installing supporter, easy blogging and domain mapping plugins.

    I already posted a re-installation request on another thread:

  • drdave
    • The Crimson Coder

    Lots of people over at wordpress are having upgrade problems. Seems though like many of them use the auto upgrade I know that will kill it. Then we have to be more careful with our plugins outside the wpmu ones I would imagine.

  • dapadoo
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I’ve updated to WordPress 3.1, BuddyPress 1.2.8 wth blogsmu theme I used auto update but not before I ran a database backup and turned off all my plugins.

    I don’t have a lot of blogs on my site but the ones I do that used Twenty-Ten lost text widgets and contact widget in the sidebar. I had to fix them manually. Hind sight i would have updated manually rather then auto update.

    All most all the WPMU DEV plugins are working from what I can see. I have about 75 activated on my site.

    The ones I know for sure that aren’t working are:

    Remove WP Dashboard Widgets- Active but not working

    Anti-Splog – getting fatal error posted on another thread

    WPMU DEV SEO – getting fatal error posted on another thread

    A few I don’t have installed and can’t report on them tonight:





    Having to go back and forth from site admin to network admin is a pain in the you know where.

    The developers here at WPMU DEV have done an outstanding job getting ready for this major upgrade.

    Thank You!

  • Shawn
    • The Crimson Coder

    I’m not thrilled with the “network admin” functionality either. I understand the need to segregate the UI a bit so you know you’re doing “super” stuff, but this is the second upgrade that changed links and behavior in the last few months. And as far as I can tell, there isn’t a replacement duplicating the behavior for one of my frequent URL patterns:


    This is close:


    …but since there’s now an interstitial step between deleting and refresh of the page, it loses my order preferences and current page. Sigh

  • Qlof
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hey guys.

    I haven’t updated yet because I normaly wait until all plugin and theme authors has had time to update their plugins/themes for the new version. I normaly wait 1-2 weeks.

    From drdaves post I understand the auto update should not be used.

    Are all wpmudev plugins and themes that needs to be updated for 3.1 updated by now or would it be wise of me to wait?

  • Shawn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Network_admin_url() is the function you want.

    Thanks, Aaron. Unfortunately, this function isn’t available thru the client, so I’d have to have about a dozen links within my toolbar for each site I manage to access things like the WP home, Network admin, new users page, WP client home and so on. With JS urls as above, I just have to have each link once – but keep them updated when the structure of the WP engine changes.

  • ccloskey
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I’m having no success updating to 3.1. Autoupgrade didn’t succeed so I’ve been trying to upgrade manually.


    Currently: WP 3.0.3

    Multisite, 36 sites

    MultiDB, 16 dbs plus global and vip

    All WPMUDEV plugins updated and moved to /plugins as applicable

    The fatal error I get is that headers are already sent, and that the error is on /wp-admin/ms-sites.php

    What other things should I look at? What information would help narrow down the problem?

    Thanks so much for any help.

  • ccloskey
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Solved my own problem. I thought all WPMUDEV plugins were up-to-date, but multi-db was not — was at 3.0 instead of 3.0.5. Updating db.php allowed the upgrade to proceed fine.

    Is it possible for multi-db to show up on the list of installed WPMU DEV plugins? I’d like to make sure I keep it updated.

    Thanks very much.

  • ClvrTv
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Global Site Search plugin is not 3.1 compatible. Spent several hours narrowing down which plugin was the culprit and between network activations + regular site plugins + mu-plugins + drop-ins etc, troubleshooting can be quite a bear on a complex multi-site install these days :slight_smile:

    Turns out that the Global Site Search plugin causes the horrible 3.1 %category% permalink 404 of doom issue. Verified this by rolling back to 3.0.4 and everything worked. Roll forward to 3.1 and I could not access archives, but got a 404 instead. Disabled all plugins in 3.1 and reset permalinks. Worked. Added plugins 1 at a time and it breaks on Global Site Search. Remove Global Site Search, reset permalinks > works. Add Global Site Search back into mu-plugins folder > doesn’t work.

    [quick edit] Forgot to add that that it is only the main root site that seems to be affected. Other sites in the network do not have the same issue even with 3.1 and Global Site Search active in mu-plugins.


  • jcnjr
    • HummingBird

    @clvrtv Maybe it’s theme related. For what it’s worth, Global Site Search is working fine for us and all /category/categoryname/ permalinks are rendering properly with the following network activated plugins…

    Network Activated Plugins: Admin Ads, Admin Help Content, Anti-Splog, Avatars, Blogs Directory, Invite, Members Directory, Post Indexer, Recent Comments, Recent Global Posts Feed, Recent Global Posts Widget, Sitemaps and SEO – WordPress Multisite Style, Supporter, Terms Of Service, The WordPress Popup Plugin Update Notifications Main Site Theme: WPMU Nelo – Special CMS Frontpage Theme

    Good luck!

  • ClvrTv
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Sure thing, James!

    Thanks, for the input @jcnjr. I’m pretty sure I tried the default theme and had the same issue, but that was in the wee morning hours and memory is foggy. Maybe conflict with a combo of plugins? Anyway haven’t had time to go back and play more. But I think I ruled theme out also because all sites (except root site) still work with the same theme as the root…. and global site search is network activated, so it should impact them too?

    Will open up another thread for it.

  • TonyV
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Maybe it is just me, but when I find out there is going to be an upgrade, my first thought is the reason is to fix security problems… I really loved the ease of use 3.0 had, and I am quite a bit unhappy with the changes done in 3.1

    I am with everyone else who mentioned it… the change between admin and network admin stinks.

    I should have mentioned first – that I do appreciate all that have their hands in the development of wpmu.. You all do a fantastic job.

    What is very discouraging to me is every upgrade affects many Many plugins.. it get’s old.. Maybe you would consider concentrating your efforts on a simple plugin that would auto update all plugins to work with every update so everyone does not have to go through so much hands on every time we have an update.. or something to this affect.

    Also, would like to point out that 3.1 does not have the blog id column… this is not good at all since if you are using plugins such as paytoblog and you want to extend a blog you need the blog ID to do it… I am now left with having to search the db to find out what it is. not good at all.

    sorry for mostly venting,,, but if I decide to go back to 3.0 what stinks is the update notifications are going to be worthless to me, not to mention I will be left behind if any security issues do come up. ug

    Tony V

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