Important! : WordPress users, who have had hacked shells and .htaccess files please read.

Hi all,

I have been going through a members website here, who’s .htaccess file got hacked, most of the links were to .ru (russian) websites, I know people here lately have had this same issue.

Going through the website I found a boolian.php file, upon checking this file it was a trojan, then my sophos anti-virus went mad, after opening up but that wasn’t a problem.

What I would like/need you to do, if you’ve also been infected is post the date you was infected, if you have a file called boolian.php, the themes you have and the plugins you use/have.

I would appreicate as much input as possible, please be as accurate as possible when posting, do not post personal information/passwords here.

Thank you all for your time.

Kind Regards

Jack (Coding-Monkey).