imported an existing database - need to change and delete categories


I've imported an existing client database. It has about 40 categories. First, I simply deleted them all but when I go to my Posts or Pages, nothing shows up! Most of the content (pages) is still showing up on the frontend but not the backend. It still says I have (342) posts or whatever but they don't show up.

I tried deleting all the categories except the "Uncategorized" with 89 posts in it but even then on the backend 89 posts do not appear.

Do I need to do some remapping in the database to make this happen? This seems odd that categories would connect anything.


  • tbennett04
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    No errors. The latest version. No plugins. The pages still appear on the front end although posts do not. The back end shows no pages in the display but says Posts (342) All(342), etc. I'm out of the office today but I'm going to try the fix locally to double check to see if its any server weirdness. I also tried to log out and back end to see if it was just a display issue, but that gave no change. If I delete categories should it then place everything in whatever I have set as my default category? If I click on 'Categories' it shows them all in what I have set as my default, but simply in number "Default Category (342)"...

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