Imported Image Links Sometimes Broken

Hi all!

I've previously learned that the WP importer seems to be broken for "partial" imports, so this question is for a Full Site import.

In a big batch of imported posts... maybe half the posts have good image links, and half are broken. An example of broken is circled in red here:

Somewhere the file name got an extra -nnnxyyy added to the end, so xue.jpg became xue-123x456.jpg where the numbers are the pixel dimensions of the displayed image -- however there isn't a file by that name in wp-content. If I manually go in and delete "-123x456" then "xue.jpg" will work, as the image actually did import.

I can't figure out why this is, it seems to happen to both .jpg and .png, to both captioned images an non-captioned images, and roughly 50% of the time, the other half of the posts are just fine.

I also don't know if this got tacked on during import, or perhaps got posted that way originally, but then only the base image and not the mod image imported?

If I can
1. Not import these sized file names OR
2. Import the sized images themselves OR
3. fix the names in some non-manual on every post way

that'd be great.

TY for any insights! :slight_smile: