Imported Image Links Sometimes Broken

Hi all!

I’ve previously learned that the WP importer seems to be broken for “partial” imports, so this question is for a Full Site import.

In a big batch of imported posts… maybe half the posts have good image links, and half are broken. An example of broken is circled in red here:

Somewhere the file name got an extra -nnnxyyy added to the end, so xue.jpg became xue-123×456.jpg where the numbers are the pixel dimensions of the displayed image — however there isn’t a file by that name in wp-content. If I manually go in and delete “-123×456” then “xue.jpg” will work, as the image actually did import.

I can’t figure out why this is, it seems to happen to both .jpg and .png, to both captioned images an non-captioned images, and roughly 50% of the time, the other half of the posts are just fine.

I also don’t know if this got tacked on during import, or perhaps got posted that way originally, but then only the base image and not the mod image imported?

If I can

1. Not import these sized file names OR

2. Import the sized images themselves OR

3. fix the names in some non-manual on every post way

that’d be great.

TY for any insights! :slight_smile:


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Sorry, are we talking about the WordPress importer?


    Or some other plugin?

    Any noticeable pattern?

    Have you tested with the default Twenty Eleven theme?

    And have you tested for plugin conflicts by disabling all other plugins and then testing?

    Let me know.


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