imported image path not correct


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I have a Wordpress multisite, a fresh install after WP 3.5 (I'm mentioning this because Wordpress changed the uploads paths structure since 3.5).

My multisite = one main domain + many additional domains (set up via subdomains on the main domain, and using domain mapping).

I use Autoblog with one add-on: Image Import.

Everything works great. My Autoblog posts to my different WordPress blogs from RSS feeds, and downloads/imports the image from the feeds just fine, and the image is visible in the posts, on the blogs. Great!

So far, so good, but...

When looking at the sourcecode, I noticed the path of the image is not correct (although it displays the image correctly!). Sometimes the path shows the main domain, sometimes it even shows (random?) subdomains from my other blogs.

Let me illustrate this.
This is my setup: mapped to mapped to mapped to
and so on...

The path of the imported picture (for example on my secondblog) should look like this:
Or even like this:
(in this case, Wordpress and the htaccess file "translate" the domain to show correctly

But the image's path looks like this:
And worse, sometimes it looks like this:

Final piece of information: before 3.5, the Wordpress multisite path structure for uploads was different, it used /blogs.dir/#/
I do have another multisite, exactly same setup, but an older one, so set up initially prior to WP 3.5.
On that multisite, the path for the imported images (by Autoblog) does always have the correct domain!

I hope I have given you enough details, while remaining clear. If not, please ask.

My question is: can you please fix the path for imported images, for Wordpress multisite 3.5 and after?

Thank you!