Importing and Exporting Products

I couldnt find any documentation on any import or export feature. I just want to copy the products from one store and import them into another store on my multisite environment. How is this done ?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    For importer options you have:

    Admin --> Products --> Store Settings

    Then on the Importers tab. Screenshot attached.

    The only exporting option we offer is for product sales and that can be found:

    Admin --> Products --> Manage Orders

    Screenshot attached.

    If you want to copy from a template site to another within the same network then you could use our New Blog Template plugin:

    This woudn't sync up stock levels.

    Take care.

  • studioc5

    Do you not offer the options to import the image with the csv file ? I know the market press importer plugin in the wordpress repository lets you import the image but he is still working on bugs on that plugin.

    The new blog project would almost work for me, only concern is I would need a quick way to make some minor changes to the content. Lets say My first site is Dallas Tx Widgets and the next site will be for Washington Dc Widgets. I want to change up the city name in all my content. Would a search and replace plugin change the slugs of all the post as well?

  • Timothy Bowers

    You can change the slugs in the admin area:

    Admin --> Product --> Settings --> Presentation.

    You couldn't just remove them though, which is what you asked in your other thread. I think someone made a plugin suggestion there.

    You would need to look at doing some code changes for the new blogs template if you want the content to be copied but some of it unique. If thats not something you are able to do your self then you would need to hire a developer.

    Checking the demo CSV file it appears we don't currently support image importing unfortunately.

    Take care.

  • aecnu

    Greetings studioc5,

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    Cheers, Joe

  • Saunt Valerian

    I wanted to add to this discussion that when it comes to moving products from one subsite to another it is better to use WP's built-in export/import feature.

    This is the one under Tools -> Export.

    I just did this for one of our clients and it worked flawlessly. The WP exporter allows you to select only the custom post types that you want. I used this method when I was building a totally new website for a client, but needed the same inventory. It was a great solution.

    I've also done it using the New Blog Templates plugin to clone the original site too, but it is a different tool for a different need. How you move the products to the new site should be dictated by what the new site is (is it going to use a different theme, layout, etc - or is it going to be a clone of the old site?)

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