Importing blog template automatically when new blog is setup

I have created a 'default' blog complete with pages, posts, categories and most importantly page templates (specific post categories displaying on pages e.g. news).

I want to be able to import this database automatically when new blogs are being setup. Presuming that my page templates are in the blog theme it should work.

However, I'm stumped on how to do this. I'm quite new to WPMU though I've been working with WP for quite a while. I'm not a PHP programmer but can hack a file no problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FYI - Tried the Blog Templates plugin but had three problems.
1. It created the blog but the admin page 'white screened'
2. Couldn't sort page order.
3. Couldn't associate a page with a page template.

I know the Blog Templates plugin is not one of yours so I'm not expecting any answers to that! I would be really grateful if anyone could help with the DB import though as it seems like the best option to me.