Importing listings into the directory

Thought I would share how I did this.

I used this plugin:

I attached the csv file I created. Couple of things I learned:

the directory plugin creates a post type called directory_listing and that is the value in the csv_post_type column.

Any custom fields, whether or not you have created them: simply title a column by the custom field name and that field and value get added to the post.

The listing categories took a bit of trial and error. Though the import plugin doc does describe this, still couldn’t quite get it, :slight_smile: The column heading I used : csv_ctax_listing_category. You need to specify the parent category name. So the value in my column was Food, Bakeries. Could also use the category slug AND you do not have to have already created the category. I had a spreadsheet value “Food, Fast Food” and the importer created the listing category.

The importer plugin created the post slugs automagically but you could put those in the spreadsheet as well.

I don’t think I’m the first one to use this plugin but hopefully I can speed up someone else’s implementation of this.


sorry couldn’t attach the csv file: here is screenshot: screenshot