Importing Multiple Variations fields from excel into WooCommerce

i need a product to have approx 150+ variations with different prices etc. is there a way for me to make Excel file with the necessary fields and import them into WP so that i dont have to do this manually ?

Or perhaps a better way of doing thing?

Task Selling printing service where i have 3 page sizes A0 / A1 / A2 at the same time i have difference price brackets if customer wanting to print 1-4 prints £x.xx if printing 5-49 £x.xx and 50+ £x.xx
i thought one way was to have one drop down for them to select the grouping e.g. 5-49 then select how many they want to print e.g. 37. The issue with this is that they can also choose 1 (which i dont want) as the whole point is that the discounted rate is if they print in bulk.

Therefore the option above was so that i can give a price for each option i.e. 1 print = £x.xx 5 prints £x.xx and 60 print £x.xx ... i assume there is a better way of doing this so wanted to ask you guys? if not is there at least a way to make my life a little bit easier with adding the prices?

Example product for option 1 -
Example product for option 2 -