Importing Profile Information and comparison

The page for this profile dosent really talk about all the features for buddypress when using the plugin. Not sure the goods and the bad. I wanted to compare this plugin on this site with this one which I ran across and see what ultimate plugins does compared to this one. Thank you so much for help and also if there is a page that talks about what the ultimate plugin can do for buddy press point me that way.

Here is the features of the other plugin and I hope we can get a good comparison.


WP-FB AutoConnect Premium

To address the needs of more advanced users, I’ve created an additional Premium add-on which extends the functionality of the free WP-FB AutoConnect plugin. This add-on currently provides the following:

Premium Features:

MultiSite Support (Mouseover for more information)

Cache Facebook avatars (Mouseover for more information)

Require access to user’s real email (Mouseover for more information)

Auto-fill BuddyPress X-Profile fields with information from Facebook

Announce Facebook logins on the BuddyPress Activity Stream (new!)

Show an AJAX spinner to indicate load-in-progress after clicking the Login button

Customize the login button’s size and text (handy for localizing to another language)

Add a Facebook button to the comment form, login form, WP registration form, and WPMU signup form

Customize the Redirect URL for first-time visitors (“Welcome” page), returning visitors (“Welcome Back” page), and logged-out visitors (“Come back soon” page)

Restrict autoregistration to Facebook friends, Facebook fans, Facebook group members, explicitly invited users (via Secure Invites), everyone, or no one

Send a customizable welcome mail to autoregistered users (with their generated login and password)

Silently handle “double-logins” (Mouseover for more information)

Show links to connected users’ Facebook profiles in the “Users” admin page

In addition, the add-on includes a Premium Widget that enables you to:

Customize all visible text (Mouseover for more information)

Show a ‘Remember Me’ tickbox

Show the user’s avatar (when logged in)

Hide the WP login fields (leaving Facebook as the only way to login)

Simultaneously logout of Facebook and the local blog