Importing subdomain names from a DB. Then what?

Greetings, Please forgive the newbie question. I am asking to get an understanding of the process, so I am asking the question in the extreme. I understand that I can import a list of thousands of names for subdomains in seconds. Even 20K names, should I choose (though I anticipate 500). Is that correct? Then what? You hit a button after importing your list and they instantly exists? Do they need to propagate? Thanks for the help. - Frank

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for posting.

    can i ask which plugin you are referring to?

    do you mean batch-create?

    i would do small batches 1st. unless you know the memory limits of your server, or can adjust them.

    if the file you try to import is say 100mb in size and your server has 64m allocated for php, then you'll only get a partial import. so you might be better doing batches of batches depending on how many there are.

    sub-domains don't need to propogate, only your main domain propogates whenever you change the DNS.

    hope this helps


  • Big Frank
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    do you mean batch-create?

    Yes. Batch create. TY. Lets say I have a top line private server with resources that would be considered above normal. Are we talking days to do 500? Weeks to do 5000 and pity the fool doing anything over that? What would you consider a batch?

    I need to know as I'm looking at getting someone to help me with various aspects of building my site and I need a point of reference, especially when paying by the hour.

    TY. - Frank

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there Big Frank,
    I would suggest you start small and see how it goes!
    So if I were you, I'd start with a small import (let's say 50 sites) and try that. If all goes well, then do 100 and so on.
    There shouldn't be any issues, but it's always best to do them in small batches, just to be safe.

    I hope that helps!


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