Importing Users to Buddypress

I need to import approx 1000+ users into a new BP install (migrated from Drupal). I will have different paid membership levels and on free level set-up. After import I would like the members to be directed to the membership subscription screen before they can continue.

Will this work automatically if I create user account but no membership subscriptions for them?

Has anyone done anything similar?

  • bkeller99

    I am attempting to do this same thing AltisonMedia.
    I have an existing Amember database and I originally was going to migrate s2member pro which has an import utility but the themes support for BuddyPress is poor. I wish the Membership plugin supported imported databases from other membership apps but doesn't appear to be the case. Because they are the superior BuddyPress theme support and ultimately thats where I want my stability.
    Would interested if you find a workable solution. Unless someone at WPMU dev can offer a viable solution I'm going to be saddled with entering paid subscribers manually.
    Its a shame really, in researching the whole buddypress/membership integration it seems everybody does one or two things really well but not all. In the case of WPMU dev they have great buddypress friendly themes ( the decision factor for me), but are lacking on the membership integration area. I'm sure once I migrate my subscribers it will be a moot point but for right now its a big deal.
    Let me know if you discover a workable solution, and I'll do the same for you.

  • Mason


    We definitely here ya on needing good migration solutions from one system to another. I don't believe our Membership plugin is quite one month out from the 1.0 release and we've already got quite q few addons.

    As with all the best things, it takes a little time. :smiley: We're working on a great many things to improve your experience here and with many plugins. Thanks for your feedback it helps us decide where to focus and for your patience with us as we continue to provide new solutions!

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