Impossible to set a bandwith limit on subsites? Ok, why not limit the number of daily visitors?


When running a big network we are hosting a lot of sites and content. While growing we are facing the same problems than any hosting company: increasing bandwidth needs. Most of serious shared hosting companies set a bandwidth limit for each of their customers. This a way to protect their whole service from high bandwidth consuming (can we say that?) websites.

In WordPress multisite, limiting the size of the storage space and the allowed file size might be a first step to prevent bandwidth issues. However it’s impossible to control the bandwidth on a per site basis.

So what do you think of the following idea:

Limiting the number of DAILY VISITORS on each subsite!

This could be an incredible nice addon to the “Pro-sites” (Supporter) plugin: for example, free members would have a xxx limit of daily visitors while paying members would have an unlimited number of visitors. I think this could be a good strategy as new and free customers won’t notice this limit as their site/blog doesn’t have a lot of traffic. And when they reach the limit we can assume that they have spent a lot of time building their site/blog and thus would not be very happy to move to a different service. They would probably accept to be charged at this point.

I don’t know how complex that would be. Maybe this would require a complete stats solution (but aren’t you working on such a project?)… maybe not. But I’m sure this could become a MUST-HAVE plugin (or add-on) for every network owner.

What do you think? Would you be interested?