Improve the content of an Event's activity stream update

Currently, when an event notice gets published to the BuddyPress activity stream, it only displays the meta data line, i.e: John Doe created an event, Johns’s Test Event
15 hours, 47 minutes ago

There is no content for the activity stream update itself. Would it be possible to include some basics about the event, such as, the time/date and venue?

Additionally, when using the BP Group Events add-on, and an event is added from within the group, would it be possible to change the meta data line to be more standardized with how BuddyPress display's group-related content in the main activity stream, i.e.: John Doe created an event, Johns’s Test Event, in the group Honeysuckle 15 hours, 47 minutes ago Of course, the group addendum to the meta should not appear within the group itself.

I think these would be worth while changes to the plugin, can you help us out with this?

Site link where we are using the groups add-on: