Improvement suggestions for Scholar Theme

I've got a few suggestions that I hope you will consider for your next release of the Scholar Theme. They might even be relevant for your other themes as well:

1) Different landing pages for members and non-members - as per your Edublogs theme. Most sites have different messages for members than for non-members (not signed-in members).

2) Make the password requirements explicit on the registration page. ( simple theme change )
Every time I upgrade I have to manually change the text to make it plain that the password has to be 7 characters long etc. Many potential new members were lost because they gave up at the registration stage - not even the error message made the 7 character requirement plain.

3) Increase the size of the edit box when posting on forums. Currently only 2-3 lines are visible - 20 lines is much more usable


  • Tammie

    @andre7: Thank you for your suggestions. As with any suggestions they'll get noted - feedback on our themes is great and results in better functionality. Currently however there are no plans to add such features to scholar such as the landing pages - however you will find that you can do this yourself using a logged in check or that a few of our other themes now have this.

    As for the 2 and 3 points - I haven't fully investigated this but I think this is how buddypress itself functions. In saying this it's not dismissing it but with the speed of news BuddyPress versions that is currently going on (we're about to have 1.2.4 drop with 1.3 in a month or so), it's not always adviseable to edit the core BuddyPress files in our themes. You could though look at a css class to do this - just have maybe using inheritance for that box to make it have a larger space. I'd have to check this against BuddyPress's default theme and actually would suggest you do because if these are also an issue in that there is a case you may be able to make a request for BuddyPress itself to look to implement those exact changes you want which could also be a great solution if others not even using our themes are experiencing this issue.

  • Tammie

    @andre7: It will be the next 'improvement' I can see is the archive wall hopefully and moving it onto the same file structure maybe as our latest themes are using. I still think 2 and 3 are core as in buddypress not theme related (yes you fix by changing in files but there are buddypress theme files in there), I wouldn't discount if they are you being able to get them in the core which would benefit others - if you're seeing an issue there probably others are in the community with other themes if it indeed is by default in buddypress. I'll explore that at some point though myself.

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